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ShopGlider Recipe Widget

The fastest way to make your recipes shine in Google Recipe Search

ShopGlider Connect Sample Introduction of Google Recipe Search has posed new challenges for recipe bloggers and publishers. While Recipe Search creates a great opportunity for bloggers to expose their recipes to more readers, making recipes compliant with the format supported by Google is a non-trivial and time consuming process.

ShopGlider Recipe Widget solves this problem by providing a simple automated solution that allows bloggers to publish recipes on their blogs in full compliance with Google's requirements.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for ShopGlider Publisher account
  2. Create a new recipe with ingredients, a picture, directions and cooking times
  3. Create an HTML snippet fully compliant with Google's microformat requirements with a single click.
  4. Paste the generated snippet into a post on your blog and publish the post
Once your blog post is published you can quickly verify the recipe's compliance with hRecipe format using Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool. Our widget supports all major blogging platforms such as Wordpress and Blogger and is easier to use than any of currently available hRecipe microformat plugins.
ShopGlider Recipe Widget brings many additional benefits to your blog, helping you grow your audience and keeping your existing readers more engaged. In addition to using the widget, you can contact us about becoming a featured ShopGlider publisher, which will expose your recipes to every new user of ShopGlider.
You can see ShopGlider Connect in action on our live demo blog. 10 minutes from now your site/blog can be enhanced with ShopGlider Connect -- all it takes is just a simple setup process. Our Publisher's Guide will help you with the setup.
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