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ShopGlider Connect Publisher's Guide

Recipe Blogging Made Easy

ShopGlider Connect is a service that allows recipe publishers to publish any recipe as a reusable shopping list. Whether you have a large recipe site or a simple cooking blog, ShopGlider Connect will help you bring more value to your readers. The service is designed to strengthen your readers' loyalty, increase traffic to your site and give your site a competitive advantage. In particular, ShopGlider Connect makes recipes on your site fully compliant with hRecipe format, increasing the chances of your blog posts appearing in Google Recipe Search results. You can read more about ShopGlider Connect benefits for publishers here. ShopGlider Connect is free for recipe providers and their readers. 

You can enhance your recipe site/blog with ShopGlider Connect following these simple steps.

1. Sign-up for a free ShopGlider account. Chose Publisher account type:


2. Add a recipe to your List Library.


3. Edit the new recipe (upload the recipe image, add title, link the original recipe on your site, tags, ingredients, directions). Note that in order for the recipe to be compliant with hRecipe format you must upload the image and fill at least the ingredients, directions and the cooking time. Press Save when done.

 recipe details

Create a widget for the recipe and insert the widget's HTML code into the recipe post on your site/blog.


Now your site/blog visitors can add your recipe ingredients to their online recipe book with a single click. You can add many widgets as you want -- at this point there's no limitation on the amount of recipes that can be stored on publisher's account.

Once you're done, you can validate your recipes' compliance with Google rich snippet format using Google's validation tool
You can see the widget above in action on ShopGlider demo blog.

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