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Recipe Blogging Made Easy

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If you run a cooking blog you're familiar with the major challenges that every publisher faces today: there're many great publishers out there. In fact, there's a lot of them. While good and frequently updated content is key to creating and growing a loyal reader base, it is not enough in today's marketplace. We designed our service for recipe publishers ShopGlider Connect to make your site to stand out and to bring value to you and your readers. ShopGlider Connect is a service that allows recipe publishers to publish any recipe as a reusable shopping list.

Sign up for a ShopGlider publisher account to:

» Create and publish your recipes

All you have to do is enter the ingredients, directions and cooking times. We'll take care of the rest - our automatic recipe generator will give you the HTML code fully compliant with Google hRecipe format for inclusion on your blog / website.

» Increase visitor loyalty

When your readers add recipes from your site to their ShopGlider Recipe Book they also add a link to the original recipe post on your site. Every time they want details that go beyond ingredients and simple instructions (such as step-by-step photos or cooking considerations) they go back to your blog, where they can discover your new recipes. This is not the case when users simply print a full recipe from your site.

» Provide more value to your readers

Once added to the personal ShopGlider Cook Book, your recipe becomes a shopping list that your readers can use any time when they go shopping. With a single click they can add all ingredients to their store trip, print or email it, and be on their way to the store. It saves time to your readers, which gives them more reasons to come back to your site.

» Save time on recipe management

With ShopGlider you can store, manage and easily update your recipes online, while using your own site/blog as the main marketing vehicle. ShopGlider provides simple intuitive recipe building form that does all the formatting for you and recognizes all commonly used measurement units. Unlike a typical blog post where ingredients/directions blend with the rest of the content, ShopGlider's recipe entries are built for simple editing and maintenance.

» Drive more traffic to your site

Since ShopGlider Connect makes your recipes fully compliant with hRecipe format, there is better chance that your blog posts will appear in Google Recipe Search results. You can also contact us about becoming a featured ShopGlider publisher, which will expose your recipes to every new user of ShopGlider.
You can see ShopGlider Connect in action on our live demo blog. 10 minutes from now your site/blog can be enhanced with ShopGlider Connect -- all it takes is just a simple set up process. Our Publisher's Guide will help you with the setup.
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