The Basics

What is ShopGlider?
ShopGlider is a free online service that helps you to manage and organize your grocery shopping and recipes online.

How do I use ShopGlider?
You start with creating shopping lists. As you head to the store you pick the right lists for your shopping trip (e.g. your household list and a list for an upcoming party), select the items you need, and then print your final trip list. You can also email the list to yourself or to your family and friends.

Do you plan to add more features?
Absolutely. ShopGlider is growing, and we're working hard to make it more valuable for our users. We'll be adding new features frequently. Make sure to visit ShopGlider feedback forum to suggest a feature or vote for ideas suggested by others.

ShopGlider Features

What are shopping lists and how do I use them?
A grocery shopping list a set of items you shop for. Whether you do it online or not, you rely on grocery shopping lists all the time, perhaps without realizing it. There are items you buy on regular basis -- the stuff you typically find in your refrigerator and pantry. Then there are items you buy for a particular occasion, such as a kids birthday party, a wine and cheese gathering with friends or a Thanksgiving dinner. Then there are recipes - be it an apple pie or chili, you need to buy the right ingredients for it.
ShopGlider takes the guesswork out of the way and helps you to organize your shopping. Create a grocery shopping list once -- and reuse it any time you want. We suggest that you keep one household list with items you buy frequently and a list for each type of event that requires special grocery shopping. You can create as many lists and recipes as you'd like, and can edit, rename and delete them at any time. There's also no limitation on the amount of items you can add to a list.

Can I share my lists with others?
Certainly. Not only you can share your lists, you can also plan shopping trips together with others. For one time store trip list sharing simply email (directly from ShopGlider) your trip list to the people you want to share it with. If you need to share shopping lists more frequently with people such as your family members, you can add them to your account. That way they will have full access to your grocery lists, recipes and store trips in real time.

How can I add other users to my account?
To add others to your account, go to Account tab of the Settings page. In Add a User section enter email address of the person you'd like to add, write an optional message in the Custom Message field and click Send Invitation button. Once you do this, the person you'd like to invite will receive an email with an invitation code and instructions.

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