It's Time to Shop Differently

ShopGlider for Consumers

ShopGlider is a free service that makes your grocery shopping easy by saving you time and money. Our mission is to connect recipe publishers, bloggers, food manufacturers, retailers, and other food industry players with their customers – regular shoppers. Here is how it works:
  • You manage your grocery shopping online by creating and updating your shopping lists
  • Once you are ready to take off to a store trip, you choose the items from your shopping lists and get personalized saving coupons available in your area and your preferred stores
  • You print or email the list and the coupons and you are ready to shop!
  • You can also access your ShopGlider account and the content with our popular WP7 app
  • You can also manage all of your recipes online. By doing so you can prepare a store trip, based entirely on what you plan to cook for a dinner tonight.
ShopGlider allows multiple users to share the same account. This way your family members can update the shopping list and make sure nothing is forgotten.

ShopGlider Connect™ for Recipe Publishers and Bloggers

ShopGlider Connect™ allows recipe providers to offer their readers a quick way to manage their recipes and convert any recipe into a reusable shopping list. Once you add a ShopGlider Connect™ widget to a recipe on your blog, your readers will be able to add that recipe to their ShopGlider recipe book with a single click. Next time they head to the grocery store to buy the ingredients needed for your recipe, they can add them to their shopping basket with a single click. At the same time they will always have a good reason to come back to your blog via a saved link, presented on our website. Optionally, you will also be able to manage your recipes online at ShopGlider, while publishing them on your blog with a simple widget (without affecting the look and feel of your website). ShopGlider Connect™ is designed to increase your readers' loyalty and increase the popularity of your site. You can read more about the service benefits here and see it in action here.

ShopGlider Ads™ for Advertisers

ShopGlider offers unique advertising opportunities for grocery stores and food manufacturers.  The advertised products are exposed to the consumers as they are planning their grocery shopping alongside their shopping lists.
  • Brand Promotion - Your brands exposed in multiple contexts related to grocery shopping (branded shopping lists, recipes, and suggested products).
  • Targeted Advertising – Personalized and relevant promotions (weekly specials, TPRs) exposed to your existing and new customers when they plan their shopping trips.
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