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ShopGlider for Developers

Enrich your site or a mobile app with ShopGlider platform!

Customer quotes about Shopglider mobile Windows Phone 7 application
ShopGlider.com is a leading personal grocery shopping platform which allows people to manage all their grocery shopping, recipes and coupons online. We are now opening the same services that power our site and popular Windows Phone 7 app to other mobile app developers. Partner with us to increase your app downloads and enhance user experience.

» What features I can build for my users with ShopGlider API?

  •   Seamless sync across multiple phones (our users love it)
  •   Web access to shopping lists via ShopGlider.com, which includes powerful shopping planning, online coupons, recipes and more
  •   Account sharing between several users
  •   Rich online cookbooks

» Is it free for me and my users?

  • Yes, it's completely free to use our platform.

» Are there any other benefits?

  •  Yes. Once you integrate ShopGlider API with your app, we start featuring it on our site. If your app offers great user experiences, thousands of existing ShopGlider users will have a reason to download it.

» Why are you offering this to other web and mobile app developers?

  • We've built ShopGlider as a platform, and our own site and app are just examples of what can be built on top of it. Your success in building a great app using our API would be also our success.

» I'm interested! How do I get started?

  • Contact us to and we will get in touch with you.
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